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Got a new pin. Some stickers too, but I don't want to take those out at the moment.

One Step From Eden is finally out! Can't wait to play it. Been excited to play this one. Was into the Megaman Battle Network gameplay back in the day and now it's here in rogue-lite form.

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Working from home this week. Nice to be typing with my keyboard and working from my own PC.

Clift, may he be at peace, died last night because I thought I was a bad ass. He was a good Archanist, but I took 'em to some mobs a good bit above his level.

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Traydor, may she rest in peace, is dead. I was ignorant on a field hazard and she's gone. She was one of the good ones.

Time for Clift the Archanist to be born. Hopefully he will do fair better.

SHIET! I've been late night gaming like my days back in highschool. Feels good man. Good games good people. It's nice. I'm waking up tired, but not too bad honestly. Nothing a quick cup of joe can't fix anyhow.

Okay! So I died a while ago on Grim Dawn right. Nice guy named Albel, God rest his soul, and he was was an Inquisitor. Dead as he is Albel, God rest his soul, was my first and I was just learning

This time Traydor is in. Also an Inquisitor and she's kicking ass and taking names. Focusing on all passive skills for her guns. It was a slow start, but she's doing great! Playing with folks who don't mind carrying me don't hurt either... but what should Traydor dual into? Not a Occultist this time.

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Never pay the minimum, that's what they want!

Living check by check until I can get one more debt paid off. Should be good by the end of next month if nothing derails that.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 is pretty cheap online. There's translations for the game out online too. Considering buying and modding the 3DS. Looks fun.

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