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Here what I'm thinking of on Grim Dawn. I start as an Inquisitor and go for all those nice passive buffs that make the gun suck a nice weapon than dual into an Occultist to bring demon good boi while he draws all the hate.

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It's not that hard. Nothing about the present situation was engineered. This is the result of incompetence and apathy. Corona temporarily interrupted our ability to be good little debt slave capitalist wagies, that's all - and our governments didn't want to be prepared for that because they didn't want to admit that machine might stop working and they might lose precious imaginary numbers.

There's no 4D chess. There's no big plan, no amazing leadership tactics that you're just too stupid to understand. Just a bunch of incompetent rich people being too comfortable with the status quo to solve a problem. Just like global warming, which you'd ALSO rather believe there's a conspiracy about than face the simple fact that our lifestyle is unsustainable and not fit for purpose.
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Got my hands on a butt load of notebooks during the weekend. I'll try to sell those and see how it goes.

Didn't wake up exhausted this morning! ...I still wish I were back in bed though.

Spent the whole day playing Grim Dawn with my cuz. Damn, I was missing out. Really want to spec out my guy to just born down anything he looks at. Only the for can cleanse.

Link to the game for reference.

Maaaaaaan. I feel drained. Need to get a job where I can be a night owl or overly early bird. One or the other.

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Politicians score points calling out tech companies over abusing user data.

But nowadays, many political campaigns run sophisticated data operations themselves, nudging voters to pick a certain candidate at the polls.

Still yet to read a La Muerte comic. If they got something new coming up in May I'll wait till then to get the back log.

Watch "La Muerta: 2020 & Beyond - Mike MacLean & Joel Gomez" on YouTube

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Aleast thank to being called nulled red I don't have much distance to differ from my "bored muscle memory" starting to type "ni" to get's url

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*Walks into best buy*

*looks at the TVs*


Employee: Can I help you with anything?

Me: Does this one come with its own parallel port or would I have to download one?

Employee: Uh-

Me: How many ECCs does it have? I'm guessing like 5?

Me: I could always upgrade it with a CMOS chip right?

Me: Do you have this one in another BIOS? Preferably on laserdisc?

Does it come with a decapped Ethernet dongle or would I have to go buy a few RAMS?

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Got a chance for a job I applied for years ago. Hope I get it this time. One positive about where I am right now is a lack of professionalism. One bad point though is the lack of professionalism.

Even when I win I lose!

Nah, it's all good.

Payday eve. One more day for Friday thank God. I have seven bucks to my name at the moment.

I'll have just about 50 bucks after bills too! A whole 50 bucks to spend on whatever I want! No wait. I forgot about gas.

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Small server for me and my pals.